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    吃元宵作文|吃元宵 英语作文

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    天我到张若荀家来作业时秋天的景色作文,阿姨正在煮元宵。元宵一会儿就煮熟了小学作文秋天的景色作文,阿姨给我们每人盛了一碗。这时,我想起了一个关于元宵的谜语:圆圆的,粘粘的,吃在嘴里甜甜的”。我用勺子舀起了一个乒乓球似的元宵放在嘴里。我轻轻一咬秋天的景色作文,一股香香的味道飘了出来。还真像谜语里说的那样。元宵是黑芝麻馅的,我最喜欢了。我一口气就吃了七八个呢!Today, when I came to Zhang ruoxun\s house to do my homework, my aunt was cooking the Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival was soon cooked, and my aunt filled each of us with a bowl. At this time, I think of a riddle about the Lantern Festival: "round, sticky, sweet to eat in the mouth.". I scooped up a ping-pong lantern with a spoon and put it in my mouth. I gently bite, a fragrant taste floating out. It\s like a riddle. Yuanxiao is filled with black sesame. I like it best. I ate seven or eight in one breath!
    与书为友作文 晚霞作文 秋天的景色作文

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