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    About Halloween万圣节英语作文

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    In the 31 October each year is traditionally the "Halloween" - Halloween. But this day the atmosphere was much like its name sounds like people on the "creepy." When Halloween comes, the children will not wait to wear the colorful costume, wearing strange masks, carrying a lantern "Jack Lamp" channeling family households, the adults ask for holiday gifts. The most well-known symbol of Halloween is what these two - fantastic "Jack Light" and "do not you eat to make trouble" prank.

      "Jack Light" looks very cute, practice is also very simple. Hollowed out the pumpkin, then carve out eyes and smiling mouth, and then plug in the melon with a candle, lit it, people far away can see the smiling faces of this charmingly naive. This is the kids favorite plaything.

      However, the highlight of Halloween is on the table, you not only good food to be prepared to entertain those who come to trouble the "little devil", but also in this special holiday dress for your table some. Do not let your guests look down upon you!

      Year, the most "haunted" That night, all kinds of ghosts and goblins, pirates, alien visitors, and witches who have deployed. Before the Christian era, the Celtics held a ceremony in the summer did not appreciate the grace of God and the sun. Soothsayer then ignited and witchcraft is said to ward off demons wandering around strange. Later, the Romans used to celebrate the nuts and Apple Harvest Festival and Celtic fusion of October 31. In the Middle Ages, people wear animal shaped dress, wearing scary Halloween masks is to drive in the ghost in the night. Although it has been replaced by the Celtic and Roman Christianity religious activities, the early practices or preserved. Now, the childreen with all kinds of jokes on the psychological wear costumes and masks for Halloween party, the ball often hung around the walls papered with witches, black cats, ghosts and skeletons, the window and the doorway is a hanging growl Liezui or terrifying pumpkin lanterns. Children often try to bite the hanging apple.[About Halloween万圣节英语作文]相干文章:

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