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    妈妈生病了作文|妈妈生病了 英语作文

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    有一天写小狗的作文,妈妈生病了写小狗的作文,她有气无力的躺在床上。小红看到妈妈的样子,心里很着急。她想妈妈吃点什么呢?她给妈妈做了面条吃。妈妈说:孩子,你真好!”小红拿来筷子给妈妈捞着吃。妈妈说:真好吃!”One day, my mother was ill. She was lying in bed. Xiaohong is worried when she sees her mother. What does she want her mother to eat? She made noodles for her mother. The mother said, "it\s very kind of you, son!" Xiaohong brings chopsticks to her mother. Mom said, "it\s delicious!"过了几天写小狗的作文,妈妈的病好了话题作文,小红很开心!After a few days, my mother\s illness is better, Xiaohong is very happy!
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